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22 июля 2011

Ferma Festival

Место: Ferma
Стиль: Ambient, Click`n`cuts, Dubstep, Electronica, House, Minimal, Techno, TechnoHouse
DJ: Petar Dundov, Григорий, Санчес, Сапунов
Live: Fairmont, Sakura

Was She A Vampire (Live), The Retuses (Live) Msk, Luke Abbot (UK, Live)

фестиваль будет проходить 4 дня

Вход: 1500 руб.

“Ferma” is initiated by a bunch of friends, aiming at bringing together the right-on audience for the most significant events and trends in contemporary culture in format of a summer country picnic. “Ferma” in its own way is a ground for exchanging ideas, friendly interaction and simple pastime. The festival is not targeted at gross audience; it was created by and for a certain circle of people presenting the intellectual and cultural layer of society.

Founders of the festival: Matvey Vershigorov (“Swan lake”, Pussycat balls DJ project), Oleg Zotkin (“Mix” club, etc) and Abdriesh Gandrabur (Rookie Crew band, etc), Sergey Sergeyev (clubs “Lutch”, “A-club”, “Mix”, “16 TONS”, “Solyanka”), Nairi Simonyan (Pompeya and Rookie Crew bands). Above all they are friends who love to spend time together. The first “Ferma” festival was held in August 2010 and was an experiment of a kind, organized in a very short time and without any sponsorship. However, with the organizers` other projects and with the names of renown participants “Ferma” attracted over 1500 people.

The summer festival is traditionally held in the territory of the former “Zviozdny” pioneer camp, located close to Tarusa. The total area is 4,5 ha. The camp is situated on the bank of Oka River. In order to secure comfortable stay for the festival visitors the whole infrastructure will be maintained in the territory of the festival. Also an essential goods store, a café, and a first-aid post as well as a tent camp will be organized within the festival premises.

Each version of “Ferma” festival attracts new participants – artists, musicians, volunteers, therefore becoming a perfect ground for self-expression to anyone interested. There is no contest or tough selection. The only condition is an idea that would coincide with the spirit of freedom at “Ferma” festival.
Various activity zones are planned for the “Ferma” 2011 – several dance floors, short-films and video-art movie theatre, installations and objects created by professional artists as well as by the visitors of the festival. This year “Ferma” engages the creative powers of amicable organizations and institutions; such as the “Garage” center for contemporary culture, “Solyanka” club, and 2X2 TV-channel, Rolling Stone magazine, LookAtMe Internet portal and many others. Also it is planned to carry out a special program for children, a fair organized with the help of Sunday-up market, and a sports program.

The format and the program of the festival dictate the target audience of “Ferma”. The previous festivals showed that the visitors are mainly people of 23 years of age or older, leading active social life and in constant search for new ways of pastime...

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